Magento 2: Adding Support for Per Category Product View Updates

Published by John on August 16, 2019

Recently, while working on a Magento 2 site, I needed to be able to change the layout for products in a specific category. While there are a few ways to do this, such as a design update on the product page, I couldn’t find an easy way to do it via a layout xml update. […]

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Runtastic JSON Account Backup Data PHP Converter

Published by John on August 12, 2019

I’ve been using Runtastic to manage my kayaking trips for about a year now and their app is great for viewing information about your app on your phone or quick stats. However, I have a couple apps I like to use, like GPXSee, Viking, and Google Maps, so that I can play with the GPS […]

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WP Live Chat Support Plugin Vulnerability – Update Now!

Published by John on May 17, 2019

A bug was found in the WP Live Chat Support Plugin Vulnerability plugin that allows an unauthenticated user to edit a setting of the plugin. This setting allows the user to insert javascript code to the front-end of the website and was actively being exploited as of 05/17/2019 to add a redirect to a spam site.

If you are using this wordpress plugin, you need to update or disable it immediately.

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Patching Artbee’s Jupiter Theme to Fix Broken Backend

Published by John on May 14, 2019

**Disclaimer: This post probably has a very limited useful lifespan, so if you reach this after 05/14/2019 and are experiencing a similar issue, it may not be related!** Recently, a client contacted me because the backend of their wordpress website was inaccessible. They are using the Jupiter Theme by Artbee’s and the front end of […]

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Magento: The Case of the Ridiculously Large User Sessions

Published by John on April 12, 2019

I ran into an interesting issue this week caused by someone using Magebay’s Menu Creator Pro plugin. The plugin was causing user sessions to be extremely large and included HTML content. The result was user sessions that were 1.5MB in size and because this site was using memcache and gets a fair number of unique visitors to their website each day, was causing hosting problems.

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