Magento: Fixing Bug in Freelunch Labs Mailgun Search

Published by John on December 17, 2018

One of my web design clients ran into an issue on their Magento site recently when logged into the admin section and searching their mailgun transactional email log. After a little digging I found that there was an issue in the plugin they were using, Freelunclabs Mailgun integration.

I believe this issue only impacted admins using that search and so added a quick update to fix the search grid in the Magento extension.

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Changing the Store ID on an Order in Magento

Published by John on October 25, 2018

If you have ever had to change an Order in Magento 1.X, you know it isn’t a straightforward process. By default, if you ‘edit’ the order, it actually cancels the existing order and then recreates it. Also, once an order has shipped or a credit memo has been created, I think you can’t even do […]

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Magento: Adding a Log Entry When a Product is Deleted

Published by John on October 16, 2018

In an effort to add some accountability to the product deletion process in Magento, one of my clients asked me to help add some logging whenever a product gets deleted. While you can often piece together what happened via your server logs, this doesn’t work as well when you have multiple users and if you have a lot of products, it can be hard to figure out what actually got deleted without going back to check a database backup.

This post describes hooking into the catalog_product_delete_after and using an Observer to write a log entry whenever a product is deleted in Magento.

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Programmatically Created Magento Accounts Unable to Login

Published by John on August 23, 2018

A client that uses a third-party login/register popup on their Magento site recently reached out to me because users were not able to register on their website.

The initial issue was unrelated to the plugin they were using and was instead related to a change made to fix the URLs of their store and make them more search engine friendly.

However, after fixing this, users were still unable to login and I determined the issue was related to some of the recent Magento security updates, which made changes to sessions, customers, and logins, that were not compatible with the way the customer account was being created.

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Prevent Gravity Forms Field from Being Saved in Database

Published by John on August 13, 2018

I have a client that wanted to convert an old PDF form to an online form, so people could have the option of completing the form online, rather than printing or otherwise filling out the PDF form and emailing/faxing it.

They were using gravity forms for the form, however there were a couple gravity form fields that they didn’t want saved in the database. I came up with this solution to prevent an individual Gravity Forms Entry Field from being saved in the Wordpress database, while ensuring that they still received it in their email notification.

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