Getting Windows Server L2TP VPN, with IPSEC behind NAT, working in Gnome Network Manager

Published by John on August 27, 2020

While trying to connect to a Windows Server VPN, which was setup using L2TP VPN w/IPSEC, using the Gnome NetworkManager plugin, I ran into a few issues. Partly this was due to both the Server and Client being behind a NAT device, which is of course the most common setup for most users. However, there were a couple other settings that needed to be fixed before I was able to connect to the VPN on Linux.

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Importing and Exporting WooComemerce Products from the Database

Published by John on August 19, 2020

While launching a website for one of our hosting clients that uses WooCommerce, it was necessary to import products and orders from their old shop to their new one.

This could have been avoided had the developers used a copy of the website database, rather than starting over with a brand new WordPress database. However, by the time they brought me in, that was no longer feasible.

I was able to import the WooCommerce products, including all variable products, using the built in product import/export tool, but needed to find a different solution to import the orders.

This process will not work in all cases, but in some instances, it is possible to do the order import and export directly from the database, rather than using a paid plugin.

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Magento 2: Disabling 2 Factor Auth

Published by John on July 29, 2020

While setting up a test Magento 2 website, running the latest verison of Magento 2.4, I ran into an issue logging in: Two Factor Auth.

Due to the way my development server is setup, using two factor auth is not really needed, nor feasible.

However, this can be turned off so that you can access the Magento 2 backend without using it, by disabling the Magento_TwoFactorAuth module.

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Downgrading .NET 4.8 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Published by John on July 2, 2020

While setting up a server running Windows Server 2012 R2 for a client, I ran into an issue that required me to downgrade from .NET 4.8 to .NET 4.5.

When using Windows Server, .NET updates are installed via Windows Update, which meant finding the correct update for .NET 4.8 and uninstalling it.

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Magento 2: Generating an Add to Cart URL for Configurable Products

Published by John on January 23, 2020

When using Magento 2, if you want to add a configurable product to the cart outside of the normal product page, like from within a CMS page, you can’t just use the getAddToCartUrl() function, but instead need to create a special form. This article describes one way of creating an add to cart form for a configurable product that you could adabpt to a custom PHTML template file, such as in your theme or a custom module.

Please carefully read the notices though, as this is just a proof of concept and you should NOT simply copy the code as is!

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