Residential Computer Repair Services

Published by john on December 10, 2009

We offer a wide variety of consumer computer repair services, including on-site virus removal and laptop repair. Some of the more common services are listed below.

If your computer is moving slow or you are noticing other problems, please don’t hesitate to call for a free estimate or advice on whether it makes sense to repair the computer or replace it with a new laptop.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We offer virus and spyware removal, but unlike most other computer repair shops, like Geek Squad, we are not out to charge an arm and a leg. Instead, our goal is to ensure that your personal data is safe and to help give you the tools to prevent it from happening again.

To this end, we will either remove the virus, or preform a reinstallation of windows, which includes backing up your files, reinstalling all programs, and preforming optimizations to make your computer run faster than when you first purchased it.

Hardware Installation and Setup

We can install and troubleshoot any type of computer hardware, cracked laptop screens, printers, scanners, web cameras, and sound systems. This also includes installing computer memory, hard drives, DVD Drives, CD-Roms, and running network cables.

We also offer Wireless Network Setup.

Windows Upgrades

Windows 10 was released in July of 2015 and fixed many of the issues and complaints people had with Windows 8. For those that are still on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or an even older system, Windows 10 might be a good choice for an upgrade.

Windows 7 End of Life Windows 7 reached it’s end of life on January 14, 2020. This means that Microsoft will no longer be supporting consumer versions of Windows 7 and that going forward, new bugs or security issues will likely remain un-patched. As a result, over time, the risk of getting a virus on Windows 7 will be much higher. While a great operating system, Windows 10 is also very solid and so if you are still using Windows 7, you should consider upgrading to Windows 10. If you would like to learn more about Windows 7 end-of-life and upgrading to Windows 10, please see our article here.

We offer Windows Upgrades for Vista, XP, and Windows 7, as well as older systems. We can also typically restore your system to its original factory condition, for a new out of the box experience on an old laptop or desktop.

Windows 8, was released October 26, 2012 and brings with it a some rather big change in how users can interact with their computer. If you need some help getting used to Windows 8’s Metro Style or want to get a feel for how it works, please check out the Learning Windows 8 Tutorial. However, in most cases, you would be better served by upgrading to Windows 10.

If you are thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 and have an older version of Windows, like XP or Vista, you can get a great deal on a Windows 10 license! We will offer a special discounted windows upgrade special too!

Windows XP Upgrade Special

As of April 2014, support for Windows XP has ended. If you are still running a laptop or desktop with Windows XP on it, you should upgrade as soon as possible! Most likely due to the age of the laptop, it will make sense to purchase a new laptop, but please touch bases with us for a free consultation and if you do decide to switch to a new laptop, we can help backup and transfer your old files.

To learn more about what this means for you, check out our learning center article: Windows XP Upgrade Info.

Other Computer Services

With over 15 years of experience, there is nothing we can not help you with at Knightdale Computer Repair, including web design. We can quickly get you up and running with your own website, which is just as easy to use as checking your mail online.

Please give us a call for a free estimate and don’t forget to ask about our “First Time Customer Discount.”

We Support Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Our Goal

Our goal is not just to fix your computer, but also help prevent the same sort of problems from occurring again. Please check out our Learning Center, which covers a number of commonly asked questions, and explains some important computer security tips.

List of Computer Repair Services

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Onsite Computer Repair
  • Windows Upgrades and installations
  • Laptop Repair
  • Cracked or Broken Laptop Screen Repair
  • Apple and Mac Support
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Hardware Repair
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Email Setup
  • Family Website Design and Hosting Plans
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Training, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and More
  • Linux Training
  • Much More!