Replacing the Keyboard on a Lenovo Ideapad Flex-4 1470

Published by John on April 18, 2018

This week, I replaced the upper case(part number AM1JE00100) on a Lenovo Flex 4 Ideapad laptop after the client spilled some water on it and the keyboard stopped working.

Normally, a new keyboard is less than $30 and I can replace it pretty quickly, so I usually only charge half my normal service rate to replace a keyboard. However, with an Ideapad Flex-4, and I’m sure similar Lenovo models, the entire laptop basically needs to be taken apart, aside from the display assembly, to access the keyboard.

Despite finding several individual keyboards for sale online, which were much less expensive than the entire upper case, I ended up replacing the entire palm rest assembly on this laptop, as the keyboard by itself can not be easily removed without damaging the laptop.

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USPS Street Names and Abbreviations Database

Published by John on March 21, 2018

While working on a recent web development project, I needed to do some processing to customers shipping and billing addresses, specifically stripping out the street suffix from the end of the street line of the address. In order to do this, I needed a database of common street suffix’s and their abbreviations, like Rd for […]

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Preventing Magento From Automatically Creating a URL Rewrite when Editing a Product

Published by John on February 15, 2018

If you have a site with tons of products, and especially with products with the same name, Magento’s URL Rewrite functionality can cause some problems and is a bit notorious for causing search engine url related problems. This was happening to one of my clients and so we decided to change the URL structure to make the urls unique to the product. However, after adding an observer to modify the URL of a product before saving it, I was running into an issue where a URL rewrite was automatically created, so needed to find a way to disable this when creating or saving a product via PHP.

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Unable to Login to Office 365 with Work Account

Published by John on February 10, 2018

I ran into an issue last week, which was preventing my client from being able to edit files using Microsoft Office and One Drive. When opening a one drive file, he would get an error stating ‘upload blocked’ and to Sign In to Office 365. However, the signin box would disappear after entering his email and selecting ‘work account.’ There was also some issues with his Windows 10.

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Quick Patch for Mailgun PHP API and CA Update

Published by John on January 23, 2018

Today, one of my business customers reached out to me via email about an issue sending emails on her website. They were using Mailgun PHP API and an exception was occurring in Guzzle(used with Mailgun’s API,) every-time an email was sent. The Curl error, which was Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized was related to an update of Mailgun’s SSL certificate and the fact that this server was running an old version of the Mailgun API.

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