Troubleshooting Magento Knockout Out Errors During Checkout

Published by John on March 2, 2023

While developing a Magento 2 theme for a site running Amasty’s One Step Checkout Module, I ran into an issue where the Knockout Javascript, which is used to draw cart items and a number of other elements during checkout, were causing javascript errors that broke the order summary section. This ended up being related to self closing divs in the knockout template.

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The Case of the Magento Admin Logout Issue

Published by John on March 2, 2023

While working on a plugin to integrate Zonos Landed Costs tax, duties, and fees into Magento’s checkout and order process, I ran into an issue where I was repeatedly logged out of the Magento Admin. Debugging this was made tricky by the fact that there were no logs or errors reported. Ultimately, it ended up being related to the Max Session Size in Admin setting.

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Backing Up an Iphone Using libimobiledevice and idevicebackup2

Published by John on October 27, 2022

Recently, I needed to make a backup of an iPhone, but was getting an error when using idevicebackup2, which is part of the libimobiledevice library and allows for communication between an iPhone and a computer running Linux. Specifically, when I attempted a backup using idevicebackup2, I got the following error: After some research, I found […]

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Adding New Columns to the Orders, Invoice, and Credit Memo’s Grid in Magento 2

Published by John on January 27, 2021

One of my clients needed to be able to export orders, with just a little more information than is provided by the default order export in Magento 2. So, I added some additional columns to the grid, which in turn allowed them to export the orders.

As noted in this guide, this isn’t a great permanent solution, but if you just need a quick/temporary way of adding some additional fields to the order, invoice, and credit memo grid, this should suffice.

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The Case of the Broken Magento 2 Breadcrumbs

Published by John on December 15, 2020

Recently, I ran into an odd issue, where in some cases, breadcrumbs were not working on product pages for a Magento 2.4 Ecommerce store. There didn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it, as some products would work, but others would not, so after playing with settings and disabling/enabling plugins, I dug into […]

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